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A team of experienced professionals for an optimal handling of all your field and tab projects, no matter what methodology you choose.

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Picto Solutions Terrain Externalisation terrain des études

Founded in

Turnover in 2019
3.4 M€

A complementary team of


full-time equivalent working employees


Two fully ownedl call centers including

CATI stations in

CATI stations in
Casablanca (Morocco)

A fully owned
test facility in the city center of Toulouse and also in Paris near gare de Lyon as well as using a network of partner facilities in the main cities of France.


Toulouse City Center

36, rue Alsace Lorraine
31000 Toulouse

  • 1 test lab with 12 adaptable individual stations
  • 2 quantitative test rooms
  • 1 fully equipped kitchen

South of Toulouse

116, route d’Espagne
31100 Toulouse

  • 1 call center with 45 CATI stations
  • 1 logistic platform
  • technical center (IT service, server room)

Center of Casablanca

Boulevard Abdelmoumen
22000 Casablanca

  • 1 call center with 60 CATI stations

Our commitments


Because field may incur unfortunate events, we find the right solutions for a smooth and successful research.


Because you have short deadlines, we are responsive and act fast at each stage (quote requests, set-up, field, deliverables).


Because your obstacles may be related to your budget, we offer the most competitive offer.

Our Quality Charter

Solutions Terrain applies to
the ISO 20252 standards.


The whole field staff is trained for at least 6 hours including the general principles of market research, internal organisation, ethical demands (respect Esomar and Syntec code of conduct, participants’ data protection) and methods of conducting interviews.


Anyone involved in a project is briefed and given instructions according to the task assigned (fieldwork timing, sampling method, research targets, interviewing instructions)..

Continuous Training

The field staff is regularly assessed and feedback is presented and discussed individually.

Quality controls on interviewers’ work

For every new interviewer, the first assignment is thoroughly controlled..Experienced interviewers’ assignments are regularly controlled too.. The controls are done through coherence tests, call-backs of respondents and/or listening to the interviews.

Field follow-ups

Solutions Terrain daily provides in-depth fieldwork updates.

Quality control reports

They include the identity of the field controller as well as the interviewer, the method used, the score obtained, and when relevant, the corrective plan of action.

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