Since 2004, we have been conducting phone interviews from both our owned call centers, based in Toulouse and Casablanca (Morocco).

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Enquêtes téléphone (CATI) Picto Solution Terrain - turquoise (études téléphoniques)
Both locations allow us to answer all of your needs in field no matter what the target is, the topic, the duration of the questionnaire, the sample size and your constraints (budget, timing) or preferences.
Every year, we complete:

CATI projects
spread between both our telephone centers including :



B2C Interviews: :
  • Satisfaction surveys for insurance companies and banks
  • Usage surveys for retailers in catchment areas
  • Barometers on contract cancellation in the energy sector
  • Notoriety/image barometer for the distance selling sector
  • Pre-tests and post-tests communication (French Post Office)
B2B interviews :
  • Satisfaction surveys for products and services (furniture retailers, weather services…)
  • Notoriety/image barometers in the construction sector
  • Recalls test among health-related professionals
  • Usage barometers in the phone and internet industry
  • Responsiveness and subscription research to new services (energy sector, catering, …)

Human Resources

Interviewers’ recruitment and training is done internally by a dedicated team.
In Toulouse, there are

interviewers including 50 regulars

5 supervisors

1 trainer

1 HR manager

1 quality manager

In Casablanca, there is a team of

experienced interviewers on a permanent contract (about 8 years of service)

6 supervisors

1 trainer

1 HR manager

1 site manager

Technical resources

CATI Software

Voxco command center

Auto dialer

(Pronto Dialer/Cisco)

Safe DMZ Servers

hosted by the Toulouse platform

Monitoring system

on site and remotely

The Dedicated Team

Hélène, Associate Director of Terrain Solutions Hélène

Telephone Department Manager

Marina, Terrain Solutions Programming Marina

Project Manager

Terrain Solutions Employee Imad

Casablanca Site Manager

Margaux, Terrain Solutions Quality Control Margaux

Team Leader

Terrain Solutions Employee Julien

Team Leader

Terrain Solutions Employee Émilie

Human Resources Manager

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Our quality charter

Solutions Terrain applies to
the ISO 20252 standards.



Continuous training

Quality controls on interviewers’ work

Field follow-ups

Quality control reports

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