Telephone / CATI Research

All CATI researches are conducted with a shared concern : offering an excellent quality at the best cost. This is why all our telephone researches are conducted in-house from both our internal call centres based in Toulouse, France (50 stations) and in Casablanca, Morocco (60 stations).

We conduct on a regular basis :

  • Satisfaction research
  • U&A
  • Image
  • Pre/post Test on Communication campaign
  • Political polls
  • Omnibus
  • Mystery calls
  • Recruitment for qualitative research
  • Chase calls for on-line research

Face-to-Face Research

Thanks to our network of professional interviewers across the whole country, we can look after the following researches :

  • Product/Pack Tests
  • Shelf Tests
  • Sniff/Sensory Tests
  • Street
  • Shop or shop exit
  • Mystery visits

International Research

  • CATI multi-country research conducted all in-house from Toulouse thanks to our team of native interviewers
  • International coordination of your qual & quant research via our network of international partners, whom we’ve worked with for the past 15 years