• Hélène Dumortier

    Co-founder and Associate Director

    Toulouse Business School
    16 years of experience in market research (Teleperformance) and in fieldwork research (Call Marketing)

  • Nicolas Moynet

    Co-founder and Associate Director

    Rennes Business School and MBA Babcock Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University (North Carolina)
    18 years of experience in market research (Cegma Topo, I-Dream, Teleperformance) and in fieldwork research (Call Marketing)

  • Corinne Vidaillac

    Sales Director

    Business Studies at Poitiers University with 6 months spent at Bournemouth University, Dorset England
    20 years of experience in fieldwork research (Research Europe UK, Martin Hamblin UK, NOP Solutions UK, Groupe TOPO Lille, Territorial Team Paris)

  • Banié Yawo

    Telephone unit director in Casablanca, Morocco

    10 years of experience in running a telephone centre (Call Marketing)

  • Marie Guiavarch

    Human Resources manager

    5 years of experience in recruitment, training, certification of professional interviewers